Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Expanding the Horse and more Foot.

Having completed another 35 figure Foot Regiment - this time a white coat unit, just awaiting final basing colours - I decided to use some of the 'leftover' cavalry castings to increase the size of some of the horse units. I started with Ruperts and by adding an additional six troopers in pot helmets and back/breast plates I achieved a more mixed look to the unit that I am pleased with. The 16 figures in this unit represents 320 men under the WRG rules so is still somewhat short of the historical strength, but looks impressive. I followed this by combining two 8 figure units into a single 14 figure Parliamentarian Regt, losing a Warrior standard Bearer and an officer and repainting coats and saddle blankets where required. I have one more 8 figure unit left to expand using more of the castings I have left.

Prince Ruperts Regiment of Horse.

Whitecoats in the snow! Pike and Shot Regiment number seven.

Another wonderful 'Garrison' figure (left), commanding the pike block.

Next I'm working on more Dragoons, both foot and mounted. Another Foot Regiment is also in the pipeline.

Hinchliffe Summer Sale!
It's worth mentioning here that Ian Hinds is currently offering Hinchliffe figures at an amazing 75p each as part of his Summer Sale during August - he tells me this is his quiet time of year. I have taken advantage of this offer to top up with castings, both ECW and Ancients (Imperial Romans & Ancient Britons), the latter range having also been fully re moulded and are beautifully crisp and clean castings like the ECW range. More on these in due course. Thinking in terms of current 28mm figure prices I'd say 75p is a round half price on average? Certainly the Renegade figures I last bought were £1.50 each and I swear the Hinchliffes are more animated, and thinking about it 75p is not far off the price of a Warlord multi part plastic! Each to his own of course.

One thing to watch for when buying Hinchliffe mounted figures is that riders don't fit every horse code, not a big problem but you can always check with Ian Hinds before buying, he's a very friendly and approachable guy. An example are these three lovely horse castings I painted this week for 3 of the new Ruperts figures only find the troopers could not made to fit them! No problem just painted three more (checking first), I'm sure other codes will fit the painted horses. I could not help to compare these fine animated horses with a couple of plastic Warlord mounts I have upstairs, they are so 'stiff' and lifeless in my opinion, the Hinchliffes have a real sense of movement and are currently just 90p per horse (normal price £1.05p) in the Sale.


Blast! Should have checked first.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

At the sign of the White Horse....

I spent a bit of time this week painting and basing a few of the plastic Dapol buildings I bought some time back. I went with Dapol for the retro themed look and I'm really pleased how these have turned out. They are deliberately slightly under scale (OO) as I wanted to avoid huge model buildings for this project, these are of course intended for model railway layouts! They are very cheap at around a fiver each, and whilst there may be some warping and flashing of the 40 years old moulds, they do go together quite well.

Here are a few pics of the church (more a small chapel in this scale), two cottages and the country Inn. I have a couple  more kits and want to use another of the Inn kits to build a small walled Manor House. I based them simply to match the figures as you can see, the thin chap raising his hat outside the church is I'm informed an old Les Higgins figure, possibly from the 30mm range, he has such charm that I just had to use him.

I'm currently painting another Regiment of Foot, and then I'm thinking of adding some baggage wagons and a couple of Falcon light artillery pieces. The Horse are very much finished for now as you can see from the video below (if you have not already seen it on my other blog!).