Sunday, 25 June 2017

The collection so far!

It's only been a few weeks since I started this project but things have progressed very well and the collection now stands at 7 regiments of horse (68 cavalry) 4 mounted Generals, and 82 foot. The foot includes 2 full regiments off pike and shot (35 & 31 figures) plus dragoons and a unit of 'commanded' musketeers. I hope to complete a third pike and shot regiment this week, to be followed by a couple of Sakers and crews which will give me enough to under a small engagement under WRG rules.

This morning I assembled the horse units together for a few shots now they are all on matching bases. I'm delighted with the overall impression, bearing in mind that I wanted an 'old school' look and feel to them all. It's a bit more of a pain doing the bases with filler and paint, but it's worth the extra effort. I have ordered quality printed flags for all the units, should here this week. The unit front centre will retain it's wonderful hand painted flag of course.

First up, the horse:

Now the Foot to date, I'm rounding the dragoons up to 10 figures.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Before and after cleaning..... ECW horse.

A quick post this one, by the weekend I hope to have all three ECW horse units acquired via eBay re- based retouched (only where necessary) and gleaming! This is a quick 'before and after' cleaning comparison of just one of the units, only water on a soft brush, but it's really bought out some nice detail and crisp brushwork. All three units were VERY dirty, they turn the brush quite black after a gentle scrub, but as you can see what emerges are fine bright figures and horses.

Clean figures on the right, as they arrived on the left!

Close up.

I don't know if these pics show the true difference, but it's quite staggering!

And the 'dirty' base after a good clean with brush and water, compare with above.

Ready for rebasing.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

eBay acquisition... more horse!

Today I took delivery of two parcels from Hinds Figures, one was my recent order and the other contained three fine units of Hinchliffe ECW cavalry bought via eBay but again from Ian Hind who has been buying and selling painted figures since 1993. I had intended to painted everything myself, but once I had seen these units I just had to have them, and having seen them in the flesh I'm delighted with my purchase. As you can see they are painted in a delightful 'vintage' style and I have no doubts that they are all vintage castings. They are clearly by different hands, but all seem to sit nicely together, they are all in need of a bit of TLC, a good clean is main thing they need and possibly a re-varnish in satin. As they are on slightly smaller 20mm frontage bases and the base styles differ I intend to gently soak them off and rebase them to match my other horse already painted.

They comprise three units of 12 horse, my favourite is the ECWC 1 cavalry in pot helmet at rest unit, as you can see they have a superbly hand painted flag. Unit number two comprised mostly the plumed hat at rest post, all in buff coats with some fine detailed touches and what appears to be a Warrior (?) standard bearer on a Hinchliffe horse, he being the only non Hinchliffe figure. UNit number three comprises 12 cavalry in back & breast plate with pistols and the pistol arms have been bent into numerous poses for variation.

Together with the 36 cavalry already painted by me (just finishing the horses for the last 8 figure unit) these chaps will bring me up to a total of 72 painted horse, a very good start which means I can focus on painting the foot regiments. I offer up these shots for contrast to when I have finished the required restoration work,  as I say, a good clean up first then rebasing, but I have no intention of touching the existing paint job, they have a charm of their own.

Lovely 'old school' detail.

These are the horses for my 8 figure blue themed unit, Hinchliffe horse are lovely animated castings.
I must confess there is one more 12 figure unit I am tempted by on eBay via Hinds Figures, I might just grab it as I do have a fair bit of stuff to sell back including loads of Warlord plastic ECW sprues which should cover the cost of all these painted figures. I paid £125.00 for the 3 units, 36 cavalry including postage and I consider them worth every penny.

Finally for now, 'Steve the Wargamer' has asked how Hinchliffe figures measure up for scale against 20mm Tumbling Dice ECW's. I don't have any of them around as the many units I painted were done on commission a couple of years back, however I hope this shot taken against a measure will give some idea Steve?

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Hampdens Greencoats.

This weeks output has been most of a Green coated Regiment of Foot. 20 musketeers in two 10 figure sub units, 8 pikemen, 2 standard bearers and a mounted general. I say' most' of the unit as I will add an additional 4 pikemen to form a third rank, plus an officer once my latest order arrives from Hinds Figures. On the subject of command figures I have decided to re jig things a bit and rather than integrating command (officer, standard bearer and drummer) into the units I will have a separate 3 figure command bases for each foot unit that can stand in front of the pike block and is essentially a non combatant base, that's how my units were formed originally and once the block came to 'push of pike' the command stand was simply removed to the rear. So once completed Hampdens will consist of an impressive 35 figures:

  • 12 pikemen in 3 ranks of 4.
  • 2 wings of 10 musketeers
  • 3 figure command base.
Essex's Regiment will get the same treatment, with 12 pikes and 16 muskets plus 3 command. Other units will have more or less figures, the largest will consist of 15 pikes (3 ranks of 5) and 24 muskets! It's worth bearing in mind here that under the WRG rules each sub unit fights individually rather than as a whole as in for example Forlorn Hope rules, and that the ration of 1 figure = 20 men makes for larger units which look good on the table and is as seen in the 'Edgehill' version of the Battleground series.

I bought a copy of Forlorn Hope rules this week from Caliver books, mainly for the wealth of background information it contains, and mentioned the blog to Dave Ryan whom I knew many years ago in Sealed Knot days when he was a member of Samuel Jones' Regiment and I was a pikeman in the 'Blew' Regiment of the London Trained Bands, and he said the Hinchliffe 'Ironsides' were one of his favourite ECW figures and I have to agree. I retain fond memories of those days, in my first battle I recall being lifted from the ground during a push of pike and barely able to breathe in the crush until Newcastles Regiment eventually won the push and we went down in a heap of armoured bodies. I was black and blue with bruises for days afterwards, all good fun!

I'm in the process of adding more blogs to my list here, and have just added the 'Glorious Little Soldiers' blog. Andy Copestake (he of 'Old Glory') is the owner of many units previously owned by Peter Gilder and a look through under the ECW label reveals many pictures of these wonderful old units.

Next up, while I await the arrival of my latest order, will be an 8 figure horse unit, just a couple of troops worth but it's the last of my current cavalry figures. I do have some 'commanded musketeers' to do, I'm using ECW33 for these plus an officer, they are carrying firelocks without rests of course and will add some variety.

This weeks output.